こんな時にパソコンHDDの引越し(怒・・・) Had to replace the bloody HDD of my computer...

2010-08-03 | 01:58

帰国早々、時差ぼけとうだる暑さの中で原稿の締め切りを二つ抱え、とりあえず書かねばと思いデスクトップを立ち上げたら、まるでメトロノームのようなカチカチという音がHDDから聞こえ出し、画面がフリーズ、そして勝手にシャットダウン・・・何度繰り返しても同じなので筐体開けてCドライブを取り出したら手で持てないくらい暑い!冷却ファンは正常に作動しているので明らかにHDD本体の問題。こんな時に!!!!!と腹立ててるだけではしょうがないので、とりあえずCドライブをベイから引っこ抜いた状態で扇風機をガンガンあてて立ち上げたら問題無く作動した!これなら引越しは可能!というわけでヨドバシへダッシュ。内蔵HDDのを一台購入して帰宅。Acronis の Migrate Easy で無事クローンに成功してバンザーイなんて思ったらもう日付は変わって夜の1時半・・・結局締め切りはどんどん迫っている~・・・・・しかもMacBookも調子が悪いんだよね~ あ~あ・・・・

What a day...Still suffering from jet lag and the stifling heat of Japanese summer, I have two articles to finish off in a few days' time. So, I switch on my computer, and guess what happens, a constant clicking noise from the HDD, a frozen screen, and the bloody thing shuts itself down...reboot...and same thing again. I open up the computer, pull out the C Drive, and the thing is so hot I can't even hold it in my hands! The cooling fan is working fine, so obviously the HDD is screwed...If the thing is completely dead, nothing I can do. But, I thought, if the thing still works when cooled off, then I still have the chance of cloning C Drive. So, I pulled out the HDD with the cables attached, brought my room fan right up to it at full power, and guess what, it worked!! Relieved, I made a dash to Yodobashi Camera, bought an HDD, and with the help of Acronis Migrate Easy, managed to clone and replace the C Drive!! Hurraaayyyy!!! I can finally go back to work!! Then I realise it is already 1:30 in the morning...Deadline's just ahead....oh dear....and to say that my MacBook is not in good shape either...Bloody Computers