Some thoughts on Karoo National Park

2010-07-29 | 15:27

I left Cape Town on Tuesday morning, stayed in the Karoo National Park for one night and am now back in Pretoria. Yesterday's drive was long (another 1000km in 11hrs), and ended up smoking lots of cigarettes, drinking lots of coffee and coke just to keep myself awake...Anyway, I've managed to reach Pretoria in one piece, and am now getting myself ready to fly out to Japan. Definitely not looking forward to the steaming heat of Japanese summer though...

The Karoo was great, and had a good sighting of the Verreaux's Eagle that nests regularly in one of the gorges. Unfortunately I didn't have my 500mm lens with me, so only got mediocre shots with the 70-200mm with TC-14, which is not exactly an ideal combination. Still, better than nothing I suppose. I might post the image in the near future.

One of the things that troubled me was that the park is now trying to reintroduce lions. They were busy surrounding the camps with electric fences and so on. I suspect the Karoo is no longer going to be a place where we visitors had the freedom to walk around and enjoy nature closely. They have already reintroduced the black rhino and cape buffalo. It sounds like SANPARKS is trying to make the Karoo into another one of those "Big 5" parks (although I'm not sure if the elephants ever occurred in that area, so maybe it is going to be a Big 4 park). In any case, I'd hate to see the peaceful and quiet place that is the Karoo become another safari circus...